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Vermont tree care professionals specializing in tree care and tree preservation.

About Us

A long history of tree care & tree preservation

Founded by Bill DeVos, Board Certified Master Arborist & Vermont’s first Registered Consulting Arborist & first VT Certified Horticulturist., Treeworks Ltd is one of the country’s premiere arboricultural companies, dedicated to all aspects of tree preservation. For over 40 years, our tree care professionals have provided outstanding service to a broad range of clientele not only in Vermont and New England, but also on a national scale. Recipients of an unprecedented 11 Excellence in Arboriculture Awards from the Tree Care Industry Association, we are committed to providing our clients with unparalleled service, knowledge, and hands-on experience. Our highly trained staff adheres to strict industry safety regulations in the workplace, allowing us to set first-rate standards of quality and professionalism.

The importance of a thriving tree cannot be overstated. From contributing to dazzling aesthetics to maintaining the quality of our air, trees play an integral role in the human experience. Our goal is to protect these valuable resources,and to ensure their health and presence for generations to come.

Our Philosophy

Dedicated to tree care & tree preservation

When it comes to arboricultural care, we strongly believe in a foundation of science, continuing education, and experience. However, it is our unique brand of artistry that sets our work apart. As we constantly seek to expand our own knowledge, we place similar emphasis on educating our clientele in order to foster informed decision-making and communication. This is achieved using the framework of the three states of Urban Tree Health™:Physiological Health (i.e. “will it bear leaves”), Structural Health (“will it stand”), and Aesthetic Health (“will it be attractive”). This rubric allows us to collaborate with our clients in order to provide smart, safe, cost-effective solutions.

Tree Care and Preservation in Vermont and across the country

We look forward to understanding your tree care & preservation needs and ensuring your trees stay healthy for as long as possible.

Nationally Recognized with Strong Roots in Vermont. National: 800-427-2617 Local: 802-223-2617 Email: [email protected]